Realtime Computer Systems for Restaurant Chains
Custom Accounting, Payroll, and Networking for Restaurant and Hotel Chains


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In today's competitive restaurant business, it is impossible to maintain reasonable food and labor costs without adequate controls. Restaurant chains have proven time and again that the more effective the controls, the lower the costs. Effective controls, resulting in maximum profits, are best achieved with computer discipline in all areas of operation. The Realtime Restaurant System was designed to establish the most effective controls possible. It was planned by leading restauranteurs across the country, and we at Realtime programmed their knowledge and experience into the comprehensive restaurant management system available to you now.

Realtime provides custom computer systems
Realtime eliminates the time-consuming job of collecting and analyzing operations data. With the Realtime Network, a standard personal computer does the collecting and analyzing of the data, and communicates with your home offices. Realtime provides total, cost-effective solutions - the hardware, the software and ongoing services - with no capital investment or long-term commitment required.

Realtime Computer Systems for Restaurant Chains With Realtime you are never locked into a pre-packaged program written by some anonymous individual. The program is customized for your specific needs. Realtime is online with you all the time with continuous support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our supervisors, programmers, engineers, management - everyone is available to you any time you encounter a problem. You are never alone. You can concentrate entirely on your business, while we assume any and all problems associated with your computerization.

Realtime Computer System - Sample Features at-a-glance
  Daily Sales and Receipts
  Daily Performance 
  Weekly Financials
  Regional Financials
  Time and Attendance 
  Daily Labor Control 
  Promotion Effectiveness Analysis
  Purchase Cost Analysis
  Multi-Store General Ledger System
  Cash Management System
  Budgeting System
  Sales Analysis
  Tip Reporting 
   Menu Mix and Food Costing 
  Multi-Store Accounts Payable System
  Multi-State Payroll Checks 
  Payroll Tax Returns - All States
  Physical Inventory 
  Personnel System
  Government Reporting
  Investor Reporting

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